PAP Flap

What is PAP Flap Breast Reconstruction?

PAP, or profunda artery perforator, refers to a blood vessel that runs through your thigh. The blood vessel and section of skin and fat from the back of your upper thigh is utilized by a PAP flap to reconstruct the breast.  The fat and tissue are transplanted to reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy has been performed.

Planning for PAP Flap

You’ll have a private, personal consultation with your doctor prior to making any decisions regarding surgery. It’s important for you to be very open and honest with the doctor in answering his questions regarding your health, previous medical history, your goals and your current lifestyle. Smoking cessation, including all nicotine products, gums, patches and vapor cigarettes, must be stopped a minimum of 3 weeks prior and 3 weeks after your surgery. You are also not allowed to be around any passive nicotine products for 3 weeks after surgery. Your doctor will evaluate your overall health and any risk factors related to pre-existing conditions. He will examine the breasts and take detailed measurements. Photos will be taken to be included in your medical records. He will discuss with you the options available and give you his recommendation for treatment. He’ll also explain any risks involved, potential complications that could arise and the likely results you can expect to see.  

Where Will My Surgery be Performed?

DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgery is usually performed in the hospital and a brief hospital stay may be included. General anesthesia is used, and the doctor will discuss his recommendations during your initial visit. Any follow-up procedures are usually done on an outpatient basis.

How Much Does PAP Flap Cost?

Each individual situation is unique, but many insurance companies provide coverage for breast reconstruction when it is performed under a breast cancer diagnosis. It’s best to check with your particular insurance provider to find out for sure. Cost will be discussed during your consultation. We offer a number of ways to pay, including financing with CareCredit®. If you’re interested in finding out more about the DIEP flap breast reconstruction, contact us to set up a private consultation with Dr. Diaz. Our office is happy to serve residents in and around Mobile, Ocean Springs, Gulfport and the surrounding communities of Mississippi.

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